Ducado VeGA has re-released his new book Take the Sky. The book's former title was changed to Take the Sky after careful consideration. Take the Sky is a book of motivational quotes and perspectives. Its a blueprint to finding to happiness, love, self-awareness and success you deserve. Support our general Ducado VeGA by purchasing the book and sharing it with others. ”

Ducado VeGA re-releases his Book with a New Title and Outlook

It is Official friends.  Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi are now on Pandora Radio.  The Station is Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi Radio.  Simply log onto your Pandora and add the station.  ”

Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi Now On Pandora Radio

The long awaited EP from Zenya Vi is finally here.  Today marks the official release day for the much anticipated EP by the Rock Princess.  The EP features Hard Hitting Rock/Soul jams for the ages! Available today in Itunes/ Bandcamp/ Spotify and More!    Itunes  https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ducado-vega-and-zenya-vi/id913405041 Bandcamp https://ducadovegaandzenyavi.bandcamp.com/album/metamorphosis-ep

— Zenya Vi EP Metamorphosis Official Release Day (Today)

Continuing on their path to Indie Music Legend Status the dynamic duo release 4 New Music Videos today.   The videos feature Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi favorites / Hella/ Redemption's Potion/ Sex N Da Club and Bird In A Cage You can see the videos on the DiiViiZiiVii youtube channel! Just click the link below!   https://www.youtube.com/user/DucadoVeGATV

— Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi Release 4 Brand New Music Videos

Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi are still in production but very close to finishing their last of 4 music videos which are to be release on debuted on August 1st at their video release party.  The party will feature Live Art, DJs, Live Bands and more.  The goal is the bring together different segments of the arts community and shine a light on the Dallas Arts movements.  The video release party will be held at Ash Studios in Dallas! ”

— DiiViiZiiVii Working Feverishly to complete music videos

After a few misfires in 2014 the weekly single release by Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi is finally here.  And because there was a lapse in the beginning of the campaign the duo and the label decided that instead of one they will be releasing 2 singles a week.  The process actually started the second week in Jan and will continue throughout the year.  The duo is extremely excited to finally get to share these gems from their catalog with their supporters, friends and family.  You can find the new releases on several different digital music outlets including Itunes, Bandcamp, Google Play and Amazon MP3.  We hope you enjoy this ride - Its going to get wild.  Happy listening.   Bandcamp https://ducadovegaandzenyavi.bandcamp.com/ Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ducado-vega-and-zenya-vi/id913405041 Google Play https://play.google.com/store/search?q=ducado%20vega&c=music

— Weekly Singles Release has started

As we rapidly approach the end of the year Ducado VeGA and Zenya Vi are working starting work on their long awaited video series.  Not just one, but a series of music videos will be released over the coming months.  Production is about to kick into full gear in a few days.  Keep watching.  ”

— Production on several new Music Videos starts this week